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Filing for bankruptcy can be the first step toward a happier, healthier life. Living under the pressure of debt and being hammered day and night by creditors not only creates incredible stress on you and your loved ones but stifles your creativity and production and may compromise your overall health.

The majority of the people who suffer from financial misfortune are honest, hardworking, and decent. Being overwhelmed by “run-away” debt can happen to anyone, and it often happens because of reasons beyond your control. Changes such as loss of income, health issues, divorce, or death of a spouse can change a comfortable life into a stressful existence.

You may feel isolated and confused if you find yourself financially compromised and saddled with too much debt, but you are not alone. History is filled with famous, well-respected people who have filed for bankruptcy protection. By doing so, they were able to bring financial order back into their lives, and some went on to make great contributions to our society. See if you recognize any of these people:

P. T. Barnum, Founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus
After making some poor investments, Mr. Barnum filed for bankruptcy in 1854. Several years later, the P. T. Barnum’s Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan, and Circus—the largest circus venture in American history—made its debut. History was made again on April 9, 1882, when P. T. Barnum’s famous “Jumbo,” the world’s most famous elephant, arrived in New York.
Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company
Mr. Ford’s first attempt to establish a company failed, and he had to file bankruptcy. His second attempt also failed, but he didn’t give up. On his third attempt, the Ford Motor Company (still in existence today) was incorporated in 1903.
Donald Trump, Real Estate Developer and Casino Owner
Bankruptcy can happen to anyone if it can happen to Donald Trump. Although Trump was a billionaire in 1980, his business took a nose dive, and his company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1990. Although he personally owed almost $900,000,000, he was able to avoid filing personal bankruptcy and once again is unbelievably rich and is still creative and productive.
Burt Reynolds, Actor
Fame and high box office ratings didn’t keep Burt Reynolds financially secure. In 1996, he was over $10,000,000 in debt. He filed for bankruptcy protection, giving his financial situation a clean bill of health. He continues to be a high-profile and popular actor.

The list goes on and on because no one is exempt from the possibility of financial misfortune. Still feel alone? Read on to find out about other famous people who have used bankruptcy as a positive tool for creating financial stability in their lives:

John Barrymore, Actor
Lionel Bart, Composer
Kim Basinger, Actress
Frank Baum, Author (Wizard of Oz)
Melvin Belli, Lawyer
George Best, Athlete
Jay Black, Rock Star
Bjorn Borg, Athlete
Matthew Brady, Photographer
Lenny Bruce, Comedian
Buffalo Bill, Showman
Gary Burghoff, Actor
Anita Bryant, Singer
Raymond Carver, Author
Miguel de Cervantes, Author
George Clinton, Rock Star
Samuel L. Clemens, Author (Mark Twain)
Natalie Cole, Singer
Gary Coleman, Actor
John Connelly, Former Texas Governor
Cathy Lee Crosby, Actress & Author
David Crosby, Singer
Vic Damone, Singer
Daniel Defoe, Author (Robinson Crusoe)
Walt Disney, Producer
Freddy Fender, Singer
Eddie Fisher, Singer
Heidi Fleiss, Author
William Fox, Film Company Founder
Red Foxx, Actor
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Actor
Andy Gibb, Singer
Charles Goodyear, Rubber Tire Vulcanizer
Ulysses S. Grant, US President and Civil War General
Merle Haggard, Country Music Singer
Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Gold Medal Skater
M. C. Hammer, Singer
George Frideric Handel, Composer
Milton Snavely Hershey, Hershey’s Chocolate
Larry King, TV Show Host
Jerry Lewis, Comedian
Abraham Lincoln, US President
William McKinley, US President
Willie Nelson, Country Music Singer
F. Donald Nixon, Former President Nixon’s Brother
Immanuel Nobel, Nobel Prize Founder
Thomas Paine, Author
Gaylord Perry, Baseball Athlete
Philip II, King of Spain 1556-1598
Mickey Rooney, Actor & Author
Leon Spinks, Boxer
Mike Tyson, Boxer
Johnny Unitas, Athlete
Oscar Wilde, Poet & Author
James Wilson, US Supreme Court Justice 1789-1798
Tammy Wynette, Country Music Singer

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